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Significant cost savings are only the beginning.

Find out how much your clinic can save with RiskAssist!

No-show savings calculator

CLIENT: 7 Provider Clinic, Santa Clara, CA

DATE: Feb, 2016

RESULT: After a year of RiskAssist MD service, clinic with 7 providers reduced their no-show rate by over 70% and increased total clinic revenue by over $21000 annually.



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Recall savings calculator

CLIENT: 15 Provider speciality Clinic, Chicago, IL

DATE: Jun, 2018

OVERVIEW: After a year of RiskAssist MD service, this clinic with 15 providers reduced their cost of recall by over 50% and increased clinic revenue by over $2500 annually per provider.



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Letter Savings and ROI

CLIENT: 7 Provider Speciality Clinic, Santa Fe, NM

DATE: Aug, 2015

OVERVIEW: Using Risk Assist, this clinic saves over $2100 annually per provider, just in automated letters service. See how your clinic could save too.


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Risk management savings calculator

CLIENT: 9 provider primary care clinic, Santa Fe, NM

DATE: Feb, 2017

OVERVIEW: Clinic saves thousands annually & mitigates several life threatening cases after implementing RiskAssist technology.


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“Risk Assist cut our recall and patient reminder cost in half and made it far more easy for my staff to use and keep track of patients that often fall thru the cracks. The software also does not interfere with my daily workflow. The mobile version is easy to use. We expect to see increasing revenue in the future once data gathers.” -Dr. Natalia L, D.O

State-of-the-art and innovative healthcare technology that works. Making it easier for the clinics to deliver care, easier for the patients to receive it, and keeping it simple for everyone.

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